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At CJL Civil, our Drainage Services are meticulously designed to address the complexities of stormwater management. With a legacy of three decades in the industry, our family-owned and operated business remains a steadfast partner for civil construction projects in Geelong and neighbouring regions.

Our Proven Process:

1. Planning and Design: Our experienced team begins by meticulously planning the layout and design of stormwater drains. This involves a comprehensive analysis of local weather patterns, soil types, and the specific drainage needs of the area. Dimensions and depths of the drains are calculated based on anticipated water flow, ensuring an efficient and effective drainage system.

2. Excavation: Precise excavation is a critical phase in our drainage services. Trenches are expertly dug at designated locations to accommodate stormwater drains. The depth and dimensions of these trenches are tailored to handle the volume of water the drains are expected to manage, adhering to industry standards and local regulations.

3. Pipe Installation: Our skilled workforce installs drainage pipes of varying sizes and materials with precision. These pipes are strategically connected to form a continuous and resilient system, ensuring optimal conveyance of stormwater without compromise.

4. Grading and Sloping: To facilitate proper water flow towards the drain, the trench is meticulously graded. We maintain an adequate slope or gradient to prevent water pooling in the drain, promoting the seamless movement of stormwater.

5. Inlets and Outlets: Inlet structures, such as catch basins and grates, are strategically installed to collect surface water runoff effectively. Outlet structures are carefully positioned to direct collected water into natural water bodies, treatment systems, or other drainage networks, ensuring proper water management.

6. Backfilling and Compaction: Ensuring stability and support for the drain, the trench undergoes thorough backfilling with soil or approved materials. Our team employs precise compaction techniques to guarantee the structural integrity of the drainage system.

7. Surface Restoration: CJL Civil understands the importance of harmonising infrastructure with the environment. Post-construction, we meticulously restore the construction area, employing methods such as repaving, re-landscaping, or other surface treatments to seamlessly integrate with the surroundings.

8. Regulatory Approvals: Adhering to the highest safety standards and local regulations is paramount. Our drainage installations undergo rigorous inspections and tests to ensure compliance, providing clients with confidence in the safety and reliability of the drainage system.

Choose CJL Civil for Drainage Services that prioritise precision, quality, and compliance. Our commitment to excellence ensures the success of your civil construction projects.

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Our Services Include

  • Land Development:
    We specialise in turning raw land into well-planned, liveable communities, focusing on infrastructure, landscaping, and community amenities.
  • Infrastructure:
    Our projects enhance connectivity and accessibility through road construction, utility installations, and drainage solutions.
  • Community Planning:
    We work closely with local authorities and urban planners to ensure our subdivisions align with future city development.
  • Project Management:
    From concept to completion, our project management expertise ensures the smooth execution of your subdivision project.
  • Plant & Equipment Hire:
    We offer a wide range of equipment and machinery for hire, including excavators, bobcats, backhoes, rollers, water carts, loaders, trucks, graders, and various other equipment.
  • Site Cuts:
    Our availability extends to the controlled removal and reshaping of earth and soil to create a suitable foundation for your brand new home or commercial needs.

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